Streaming music has increased in popularity dramatically over recent years. A large part of this increased interest is the ease in which you can access this music whilst on the move. Mp3 players, mobile phones and even your tablet can provide you with your music whilst on the go; wherever you are.

There are two ways of listening to music whilst on the move. The first is to download the music through an approved app. This can then be saved on your device and played wherever you want; without issue. Alternatively, you can live stream the music; this is similar to listening to a radio channel; you choose the song you want to listen to and play it. The song is played o the internet and ‘streamed’ to your device; allowing you to hear it. There can sometimes be delays when live streaming; particularly if the internet is busy. You will know this is the case as your screen will show ‘buffering’ instead of playing the tune.

The following apps are considered to be the best streaming ones currently available:

Amazon Music

This is an unusual but worthy contender as it is not often associated with streaming. However, Amazon Music has millions of songs which can be accessed in seconds and played. You can easily buy any song you like through your Amazon account and download it to your phone for later use.

Amazon Music also allows you to upload tunes to your own personal library. These can then be saved online and accessed via streaming anywhere you have an internet signal.

Apple Music

Surprisingly this app only appeared on the market in 2015; despite the fact that iTunes has been in existence for many years. The app, will allow you to access in excess of thirty million songs. You can create your own playlists and even listen to the Apple radio live.

Alongside the music features the Apple Music app will allow you to follow your favourite artists and keep up with their latest activities. There is a monthly charge for membership which allows you to download a certain amount of songs every month.


You may have heard of the Pandora music app as it is one of the most prominent. You can access it from almost any device; even some cars can link with it!

The app is only home to one million songs but this is enough to keep the majority of users happy. Access is free although there is little you can do other than skip a track or give it a ‘thumbs up’.

There are plans to bring out a premium version of this service which will incur a monthly fee and will operate on a similar basis to the Apple Music app.

Sound Cloud

This was originally developed to provide a venue for alternate and independent artist to get their songs into the public eye. For this reason, you will find a huge range of different music types. More recently the app has increased its offering to include a good selection of the most popular tunes.

Surprisingly, Sound Cloud has in excess of 125 million songs; this figure is boosted hugely by the massive collection of independent artists and their private released songs.


It is fair to state that this is one of the original and still the best of all the music streaming apps. The music library has over thirty million songs and you can also create your own playlists. These can be uploaded to Spotify and even shared. It is possible to access many of the tunes for free; however if you want to make use of all the Spotify features you will need to sign up and pay a monthly fee.


This music streaming app is free. You simply tune in and listen to the tune playing. It will then identify the tune and artist for you. There are options to share the tune or see the music video. Alongside this you can instantly link to more information about the song or the artist.

It is possible to load all of these streaming apps onto your devices although you may not wish to pay monthly fees to all of them! No matter what your preference is, there will be a music streaming app here that provides the tunes you like; instantly!